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Enterprise Data lake

Data-driven enterprises are the new normal. Moreover, many enterprises are starting to recognize the value of their data by offering them as products. The power of Cloud Computing and the innovation in Big Data technology and services space have made it relatively easier to design, implement, and operate an enterprise data lake. Leading cloud providers are even offering end-to-end solutions like AWS LakeFormation, AWS HealthLake, GCP data lake modernization, etc. But most of these solutions don’t leverage best in bread components for such a complex solution leading to operational and optimization challenges later.

Qualigy Tech’s Data and Analytics team has helped clients implement enterprise data lakes on the cloud to optimize cost while providing a common platform for both reporting as well as analytics workloads.


Qualigy Tech’s recent implementation of data lake on AWS

  • AWS Serverless services
  • 11 Data sources, 4K tables, 1.2K ETL runs per day
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Driving Finance, Supply Chain, and Product decisions

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