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Cloud Enablement

Enhance your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment with qTOOLS – a specialized solution crafted to refine and boost your AWS experience. This advanced suite of tools is meticulously designed to enhance your AWS usage, focusing on four crucial areas: Governance, Security (CSPM), FinOps, and DevOps. qTOOLS empowers you to establish a robust and scalable Landing Zone, laying a foundation for a secure, compliant, and efficient cloud infrastructure. It provides comprehensive protection for your AWS assets, implementing state-of-the-art security measures and compliance strategies to safeguard your data against modern cyber threats.

The adaptable Cost Management feature within qTOOLS elevates your grasp on AWS spending. It enables informed decision-making through detailed analytics and reporting, ensuring that your cloud investment is optimized for maximum efficiency and ROI. With its continuous monitoring, automated incident responses, and proactive maintenance, qTOOLS allows you to focus on strategic initiatives, while we skillfully handle the complexities of AWS platform management.

Cloud Migration

We specialize in steering businesses through the intricate journey of cloud migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our methodology is deeply rooted in an extensive understanding of both the technical and strategic facets of the AWS platform. We provide customized solutions that are in sync with your business goals, ensuring a seamless transition to the cloud. Our team, comprising certified AWS professionals, is adept at managing migrations of various scales, from simple deployments to extensive, complex projects. We concentrate on reducing downtime and enhancing efficiency, allowing your business to fully exploit the comprehensive features of AWS.

Our service encompasses a thorough examination of your existing infrastructure, clear migration planning, and dedicated support during and post-transition. We place a high emphasis on security and compliance, guaranteeing the safety of your data throughout the migration process. Choosing to partner with us means securing a dependable ally in your cloud journey, dedicated to producing concrete outcomes and equipping your business to excel in the cloud era.

App Modernization

Enhance your business agility and innovation with Qualigy Tech’s expert AWS solutions. We specialize in leveraging AWS services like Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, Amplify for intuitive UI, and Cognito for robust security. Plus, our expertise in container technologies such as Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Elastic Container Service (ECS) ensures scalable and efficient application deployment.

We’ve empowered numerous clients to build cloud-native applications tailored to their unique business needs. Moreover, we excel in migrating and re-platforming existing applications, significantly cutting costs while boosting operational reliability and flexibility. Trust Qualigy Tech to be your guide in the cloud, transforming your business with the power of AWS.

Data & Analytics

Transform into a data-driven powerhouse with Qualigy Tech’s expert guidance. Embrace the power of democratized data and make informed decisions with our comprehensive AWS solutions. Our seasoned team excels in deploying a range of Amazon services including EMR, AWS Glue, Athena, QuickSight, Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK), and Kinesis, all designed to expedite your data journey.

With Qualigy Tech, you’re not just adopting technology; you’re embracing a future where data lakes and meshs are seamlessly integrated in the cloud, offering unparalleled insights and efficiency. We’ve successfully transitioned numerous clients from traditional on-prem systems to sophisticated cloud-based services, ensuring a smooth and beneficial migration. Partner with us to redefine your organization’s data strategy and unlock new levels of performance and insight.


Discover the pillars of successful cloud adoption with Qualigy Tech: robust security, unwavering operational reliability, and unmatched flexibility. We specialize in crafting bespoke DevSecOps pipelines, integrating state-of-the-art AWS services like AWS CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, Amazon OpenSearch Service, and Managed Services for Prometheus and Grafana. Our expertise also extends to leveraging powerful open-source tools such as Terraform and Jenkins, ensuring a comprehensive and secure development environment.

At Qualigy Tech, we’re committed to delivering end-to-end automation for your cloud applications. Our approach guarantees minimal to zero downtime, enabling you to manage and scale your cloud infrastructure seamlessly and efficiently. Partner with us for a transformation that not only elevates your cloud presence but also fortifies it against evolving challenges.

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