Embrace the Cloud Revolution: Unleashing the Power of Cloud Computing for Your Business

Cloud Computing

Increasing number of companies are adopting Public Cloud to improve their business agility, reduce operational complexity, business risk and cost. Enterprises have different drivers to start their experimentation with cloud. But they will need a comprehensive strategy to achieve organization and technology transformation to enable business growth. Qualigy Tech’s team of seasoned cloud advisors, architects and engineers will provide the needed support for enterprises to succeed in their cloud adoption journey.

Qualigy Tech helps customers bootstrap or accelerate their cloud adoption. Using our process outlined below, we work with customers worldwide during every stage of solution development and cloud transformation.


Our Advisors and Architects meet with keystakeholders to understand business goals, current landscape, and drivers for cloud adoption. We will lay out an approach incorporating industry best practices to serve customers needs. Our plans incorporate multiple pillars which include Architecture, Security, Operations and Cost.


Buildling a solid fundation and governance model for Cloud services is key to rapid adoption. Our Architects and Engineers will define and implement Account structure to scale, Security Policies to provide guardrails, Tagging strategies to meet customers InfoSec, Compliance and Finance needs.


Operations and Management in cloud will require a different approach from on-premise. Cloud providers API’s and Management capabilities provide better visibility and flexibility to understand the usage footprint and adjust as needed. We provide tools which can be customized to monitor cloud accounts and take near real-time action. We provide tailored dashboards for leaders, managers, analysts providing comprehensive visibility of Platforms deployed, associated cost, operational metrics and security postures.



We work with our customers to analyze their current cloud ecosystem to provide guidance on maturing their governance models, automating their cloud operations and optimizing their spend.

Embracing Cloud Transformation: A Java Services Migration Journey to Azure Kubernetes Service

Journey to Azure Kubernetes ServiceOpportunity In a world where agility and flexibility in IT infrastructure are not just valued but required, our client stood at the crossroads of innovation and legacy. Their on-premises systems, while stable, lacked the agility and scalability needed to propel them forward in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. The pressing need was to transition to a cloud environment that could offer enhanced scalability, resilience, and cost-effectiveness ultimately...

RE-ARCHITECT: Streamlining EdTech Data Management

Streamlining EdTech Data Management  In the realm of education technology (EdTech), data is king. The sheer volume of data generated by online learning platforms is staggering from student performance metrics to transaction records. As EdTech companies seek to leverage this data for insights and analytics, they often face challenges in managing costs associated with data storage and processing. In this blog, we present a case study of an EdTech company struggling with the high costs...

Cloud Migration with Generative AI

with GENERATIVE AI Re-Platform: Cloud Migration with Generative AI In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, the transition from legacy monolithic applications to modern microservices architectures has become a crucial step for businesses seeking agility, scalability, and efficiency. Our recent project was a testament to this transformation. We undertook the ambitious task of re-platforming a legacy monolithic application to a microservices architecture using Node.js to be...

Seamless Migration from AWS to GCP

Introduction In the rapidly shifting realm of cloud services, businesses often encounter pivotal moments where they must decide whether to remain with their current cloud provider or transition to another that more closely aligns with their evolving growth strategies and technical needs. Quligy Tech recently had the privilege of assisting one of our clients in navigating this complex landscape by facilitating a migration of workloads from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Google Cloud Platform...

Cloud Migration: Lift and Shift

Solutions Re-Host: Cloud Migration Cloud migration is pivotal for modern businesses seeking agility and scalability. Our recent project, involving the migration of nearly 70 servers from a traditional data center to the cloud, serves as an exemplary model in this domain. This case study delves into our bespoke approach, combining the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) with out custom automation, and details the technical intricacies of our process.Opportunity Our client’s data center...

Streamlining Azure Management with qTOOLS

with qTOOLSStreamlining Azure Management with qTOOLSIn the complex world of cloud infrastructure, effectively managing a multitude of Azure subscriptions presents a daunting challenge for many enterprises. This blog delves into how Qualigy Tech's Cloud Enablement platform, qTOOLS, dramatically transformed one enterprise's cloud operations, leading to enhanced security, streamlined workflows, and considerable cost reductions. By addressing the intricate needs of managing over 30 Azure...

Monolith to Microservices: AWS EKS migration

OPPORTUNITY Micoservices migration with Amazon EKSIn today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve their software architectures for greater scalability, flexibility, and resilience. One such transformation involves transitioning from a monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture. In this blog post, we will detail how Qualigy Tech aided a major enterprise in their migration journey using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)....

Product Documentation: Serverless CMS on AWS

Intro Product Documentation: Server-less solution on AWSThe Medi Group product documentation was maintained as PDFs on Google Sites. The Medi Group is planning to expand its operations to 17 countries. Along with their product transformation, The Medi Group wanted to build a product documentation website for their customers to improve usability and provide privileged access. The Medi Group recognized the pressing need to enhance self-service for its customers, while simultaneously reducing the...

Compliance automation with qTOOLS for FinServ

Overview Compliance as Code with qTOOLS for Financial ServicesThe Financial Services industry is known for being risk-averse, which has made it slow to adopt new technologies. This is especially true for cloud technology, which was initially seen as a risky proposition. In the early days of cloud, there were concerns about security, reliability, and data privacy that made it difficult for Financial Services companies to justify the risk of moving their critical applications and data to the...

GCP Foundations with qTOOLS

with qTOOLSAs companies increasingly shift to cloud-based solutions, transitioning to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can appear daunting, filled with complex challenges and pivotal decisions. This transition isn't merely about embracing new technology; it's a transformation of the IT infrastructure towards greater agility, scalability, and data-centricity. Establishing a robust foundation for GCP adoption, emphasizing Governance, Security, Visibility, and Automation, is crucial. This approach...

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