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Our digital transformation service teams understand the significance of leveraging modern tools and processes to tackle business obstacles and exceed customer expectations. As per a recent Gartner survey of CIOs, enterprises are placing high priority on digital transformation in order to emerge stronger and win differently with their customers. While it’s true that many organizations have been investing in digital transformation for years, it’s essential to acknowledge that not all initiatives yield the desired results. McKinesy survey shows 70% of these initiatives fail. However, we believe that by selecting the right technology services partner, enterprises can position themselves on the winning side. While digital transformation encompasses more than just technology, adopting emerging technologies can undoubtedly be a game-changer. Trust us as your reliable partner to navigate this transformative journey and help your enterprise emerge triumphant.


Qualigy Tech’s team of Advisors, Architects and Engineers have years of experience leading and delivering Technology driven Digital Transformation at large enterprises. Our team comprises of innovators who helped launch greenfield initiatives leading to billion dollar plus top line revenue; transformational agents who lead organizational changes using metrics and technology for brownfield to improve business agility, reduce operational cost and implementation of DevOps practices; and engineers who replatformed monolith applications to modern architecture.


Our Engineers will help build CI CD pipelines to enable high volume releases for an enterprise. We will help incorportate Operational and Security best practices into the pipelines to improve resiliency and security. Our pipelines can be integrated with enterprise tools for Change Management and security tools for breaking the builds to prevent security incidents. We help with implementing Observability tools and integrating with collaboration channels for ChatOps.

API Management

Enterprises are empowering DevOps teams (goes by various names 2 pizza teams, journey teams, squads etc.) to deliver capabilities independently. DevOps teams have the end to end ownership of the business capability and implementation, usually achieved through Microservices/API’s. One of the biggest challenge of Microservices architecture is discovery.

Application Modernization

Our Architects and Engineers will evaluate your current application stack and propose a plan to replatform. We will define a Microservices architecture to manage business capabilities. We will leverage architecture patterns and open source to ease the replatform effort and define a migration factory to create a repeatable process. Using our experience delivering large scale modernization projects, we help reduce the overall timeline and cost.

Embracing Cloud Transformation: A Java Services Migration Journey to Azure Kubernetes Service

Journey to Azure Kubernetes ServiceOpportunity In a world where agility and flexibility in IT infrastructure are not just valued but required, our client stood at the crossroads of innovation and legacy. Their on-premises systems, while stable, lacked the agility and scalability needed to propel them forward in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. The pressing need was to transition to a cloud environment that could offer enhanced scalability, resilience, and cost-effectiveness ultimately...

Cloud Migration with Generative AI

with GENERATIVE AI Re-Platform: Cloud Migration with Generative AI In the ever-evolving landscape of software development, the transition from legacy monolithic applications to modern microservices architectures has become a crucial step for businesses seeking agility, scalability, and efficiency. Our recent project was a testament to this transformation. We undertook the ambitious task of re-platforming a legacy monolithic application to a microservices architecture using Node.js to be...

Monolith to Microservices: AWS EKS migration

OPPORTUNITY Micoservices migration with Amazon EKSIn today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve their software architectures for greater scalability, flexibility, and resilience. One such transformation involves transitioning from a monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture. In this blog post, we will detail how Qualigy Tech aided a major enterprise in their migration journey using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)....

Product Documentation: Serverless CMS on AWS

Intro Product Documentation: Server-less solution on AWSThe Medi Group product documentation was maintained as PDFs on Google Sites. The Medi Group is planning to expand its operations to 17 countries. Along with their product transformation, The Medi Group wanted to build a product documentation website for their customers to improve usability and provide privileged access. The Medi Group recognized the pressing need to enhance self-service for its customers, while simultaneously reducing the...

Re-Platform to Modern Application on Cloud

Solutions Re-Platform to Modern Application on Cloud In this Digital world, every business should be able to adapt to ever-changing consumer needs, unpredictable market conditions, and rapidly emerging disruptors. Even businesses once disruptors themselves are now caught in this whirlwind and some unable to react fast because of their business processes and legacy IT systems. Digital Transformation is all the rage now and Technology modernization is a critical part of it. Qualigy Tech’s...

IIOT Factory Maintenance Predictive Analytics

CASE STUDIES IIoT Factory Maintenance Predictive Analytics If we can listen to machines and understand their language, we should be able to take better care of them and avoid/reduce downtime. With the advances in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology we now can listen to machines. By applying Machine Learning algorithms, we can interpret and predict issues and take pro-active action. A native cloud implementation of IIoT will deliver quick results. We at Qualigy Tech delivered an...

Sense and Response Bot

CASE STUDIES Sense and Response Bot Service Center operational efficiencies which impact a provider’s NPS scores are critical for any enterprise. Service Center/Contact Center Analytics is contributing significantly towards metrics-driven optimization in this space. Though technology is a non-trivial investment in this space, the bulk of the cost is attributed to people. Hiring, training representatives to answer those calls and represent the company is a continuous challenge as attrition is...

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