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Serverless CMS on AWS


Product Documentation: Server-less solution on AWS

The Medi Group product documentation was maintained as PDFs on Google Sites. The Medi Group is planning to expand its operations to 17 countries. Along with their product transformation, The Medi Group wanted to build a product documentation website for their customers to improve usability and provide privileged access.

The Medi Group recognized the pressing need to enhance self-service for its customers, while simultaneously reducing the overall expenses tied to customer support. To achieve this, it became clear that they needed to refine their approach to product documentation access. The existing solution, which involved publishing PDF documents on Google Site, was fraught with numerous challenges.

For starters, the current documentation site was unprotected, leaving internal product details exposed to the public eye and potentially to competitors. Additionally, the search and discovery functionalities were severely limited to high-level product modules, each of which directed users to a separate PDF document. This compelled customers to download the entire PDF before they could search for specific information. Furthermore, cross-linking between different modules was unattainable, as each module was isolated in its own PDF.

As The Medi Group charted an ambitious plan to expand their operations, the need for a more efficient solution became apparent. They needed a secure, user-friendly platform to create, publish and serve their product documentation.


Qualigy Tech actively collaborated with The Medi Group to comprehend their needs and subsequently built a bespoke solution. This solution harnessed the power of cloud-native services and WordPress to effectively manage their product documentation.

The team employed the Docly WordPress template to establish a standard authoring platform for customer service representatives. They installed WordPress on the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) as a POD, utilizing the Amazon Elastic File System for persistent storage. To curb operational costs and boost performance, they extracted content using an AWS Lambda function. This function converted the content to rendered HTML and transferred it to an Amazon S3 bucket. They then established an Amazon CloudFront distribution with a sub-domain dedicated to product documentation to distribute the content stored on the S3 bucket.

To authenticate users at the edge, they used a CloudFront function to verify a token. They also integrated AWS Web Application Firewall rules into the CloudFront distribution to enable OWASP Top 10 protection.


The Qualigy Tech team executed the solution implementation swiftly, completing it in under a month. They further streamlined the process by automating the conversion of existing PDF documents into WordPress Pages. This significant enhancement drastically cut down the time The Medi Group’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) spent updating documentation to the most recent version. Qualigy Tech not only delivered a vastly improved solution for The Medi Group but also laid the groundwork for future advancements, such as the integration of product tutorial videos.

About the Medi Group

The Médi Group is a leading software and services innovation company dedicated to developing enterprise workflow and financial solutions for advertising and digital marketing, consulting firms, marketing communications companies, in-house agencies, non-profit firms, legal firms and other professional services firms.

For over 25 years, The Médi Group has evolved its flagship product e·silentpartner to fit the ways companies organize and deliver client projects for success and profitability.

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