Cloud Adoption Accelerators (qTOOLS)

According to Sophos 2020 State of Cloud Security, 70% of Cloud Implementation have a security incident in their first year. Above 80% of those in the United States are caused by misconfiguration. Qualigy Tech’s Cloud Accelerators (qTOOLS) help our clients avoid those missteps.


Many companies start their cloud journey with a scattered approach to account management. One of the foundational benefits of adopting Cloud, Business Agility, is hampered by the time lost in waiting for security, operations and finance approvals. As they launch larger and more sensitive workloads, it is time to coordinate the policies and rules so that security and operations can maintain control. Automating security and operations becomes a critical business need and eliminates friction for engineering teams.

qGov provides the capability to generate secure-by-default workloads that eliminate operational and security bottlenecks. qGov embodies “Trust but Verify” by providing 100+ guardrails for Cloud Accounts to enable self-service for clients’ engineering teams. Using qGov’s Account Vending Machine, teams can create secured and well-operated Cloud environments for their workloads. qGov reduces the friction for native cloud development and migration while easing the burden on the enterprise to manage.

Enterprises require a high level of security to protect their sensitive workloads and Cloud provides many layers of security. However, the number of security offerings from Cloud providers and other vendors can be daunting for enterprises. Automating security tasks on Cloud enables enterprises to be more secure by reducing human configuration errors and giving their teams more time to focus on work critical to your business. We add value by bringing in the accumulated knowledge from our previous engagements to help clients mature their use of DevSecOps.

qSec is an extension of Cloud Custodian, an open-source tool, which allows clients to automate manual security tasks to shift focus to scaling and innovating their business. Clients can reduce risk as they scale by using qSec’s 300+ security checks to detect misconfigurations, suspicious security events across the ecosystem. Alert Response is a key aspect of qSec for rapid remediation of issues that might lead to data leakage.


Cloud Computing allows enterprises to move quickly and innovate more. With increased speed and agility, enterprises need to adopt agile and dynamic planning techniques to match their usage, to accurately budget for a growing number of applications, projects, or experiments. Cloud Adoption framework should provide tooling to allow product teams to track their cloud spend, to ensure their cloud usage can scale up and down to match their rapidly changing business. Clients must evolve their capabilities and approach to really embrace the cloud.

qFi enables clients to manage, predict, and optimize their cloud spend. qFi builds on qGov’s Account Management strategy by leveraging Tags to organize and report on Cloud spend for Business Units and Product teams. qFi can be used to normalize Tags and enhance reports by merging clients cost center information with daily cloud spend. It can be extended to manage internal chargebacks by integrating with ERP. qFi identifies savings opportunities by recommending resources based on current utilization and by comparing deployed resources against new Cloud services enhancements.


Cloud Computing greatly improves the business agility of an enterprise. While adopting Cloud, enterprises have to balance existing systems, processes, tools, and culture while innovating at pace with industry disruptors. Modern Application Architecture and Distributed Computing, coupled with DevOps empowerment have contributed to the sprawl of tools used by Product teams within an organization for CI/CD pipelines, log aggregation and reporting, monitoring, etc. Though an initial explosion of open source tooling is needed to fuel organic growth during initial phases of transformation like Cloud Adoption and DevOps alignment, most successful journeys involve a fast follow of standards and best practices to better manage the ecosystem.

qOps provides templates of best practices, customizable tools, and pipelines to create paved paths for DevOps teams. It helps with reducing the learning curve for adoption while containing the sprawl and improving security and operational efficiencies. qOps provides Real-time operational analytics pipelines (ELK stack), Collaboration frameworks (ChatOps), Automated and Proactive alerts management (self-healing), and Adaptive (MLOps) processes for anomaly detection and remediation.

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